Sydney Allen-Ash

Innovation Strategist & Podcast Host

Sydney Allen-Ash is an innovation strategist and consultant from Toronto currently in New York working to create more innovative and inclusive companies across media, education, and the creative industries. She is also the creator and host of Re:Search Podcast, in which she and her guests explore issues like identity, fulfillment, power, love, and freedom.

Describe your style.
I generally wear a lot of oversized workwear, XXL t-shirts my friends have made, with big, bossy pants and solid shoes. If I can’t buy from friends, then it’s probably secondhand or vintage.

What are you passionate about?
On a day-to-day basis, I try to inspire change by critiquing culture and fueling the fire in my peers to also become more critical of the world around them. I’m driven by helping people, myself included, re-discover their own power.

What does wearing fair trade clothing mean to you?
Wearing fair trade clothing, and encouraging other brands to adopt fair trade practices, is one small but crucial step we should all aspire to take in order to promote equity and dismantle systems of oppression that exist within the fashion industry.


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